Hello! I'm Alex, an illustrator and graphic designer living & working in Toronto, ON. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Illustration from Sheridan College, where I specialized in scientific and technical illustration & design. I have been working in graphic design for several years, including designing for t-shirts and garments, signage, packaging and branding; I've also been working for over two years on science and anatomy illustrations for print and digital textbooks. In my spare time, I run an Etsy shop selling jewellery and accessories designed around my love of nature, science and gaming. Outside of my work you can find me nestled on the couch playing some Nintendo or hanging out with my pet sugar gliders.

Adobe CS (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesgin, Bridge, Dreamweaver), ZBrush, Cinema4D, HTML & CSS, Microsoft Office

April 24, 2013
BlogTO: "10 artists to watch from the Sheridan Illustration show"

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